Bone Hunting, Soma-Intelligence In Play, Embodied Perfomance

Bone Hunting, Soma-Intelligence in Play

with Joe Tornabene


A Long-Term Training For Professional Actors, Advanced Acting Students and Theatre Directors


Kodo Stage Studio, Athens, Greece

April, May, June, 2017


Theatrical creation in Heightened Body Perception

Inter-Psychic Characters

Experiential Anatomy


Taught in 10 countries


Explorations related to new ways to develop and expand dramaturgy


Embodiment -- the performer brings into him or herself the energy qualities of that which is to be embodied. They become those qualities. 


Embodiment is the engine for developing unique ways of interacting and composing through intense awareness training and sensing moments of life process.


Joe Tornabene – American musician, actor, mover -- currently living in France


This training will deepen improvisational and forming practices and help discover new directions for work creation with and through embodiment.


Starting point--the body, the senses, the lived experience.


What is the process for developing new ways of interacting and composing through embodiment and empathy, sensing moments of life process? How is an actor creating from his or her bones?


We will build our common language by experiencing different body systems through experiential anatomy, authentic movement-based voice work, contact, voice and movement unified from deep body locations.

The process lived through in the training is anchored in sensory touch and spatial touch.


The development of the imagination in the training is spirited, fluid, alive. What role does the imagination play here? It’s an expansive experiential source for energy qualities and their transformations directly applied to the creation process.


Inter-Psychic Characters:

The Shadow and other inter-psychic characters: Performance- based embodiment forming and performing.

From 1997 until 2002, at The Advanced School of Dramatic Arts, APHX, Athens, Greece,  Joe Tornabene began developing and using an embodiment practice with his acting students which he calls the inter-psychic characters. The training and subsequent process is focused towards the embodiment of energy quality and its transition to the stage. The three principal Inter-psychic characters are the Shadow, the Guest and the Bystander. The Main Character is the scripted stage character or its equivalent.



Through explorations and scores concerning space, time, memory and relational dynamics we will proceed to group compositional units starting from  personal explorations. The methodology we will work on will be used to build and present the resulting work to a live audience.

(written with Thalia Ditsa)







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