WaxFactory's week long development of Strange Joy: WaxFactory and Hand2Mouth Network of Ensemble Theater Exchange Grant

WARM UP with the actors: WaxFactory's week long development of Strange Joy: WaxFactory and Hand2Mouth Network of Ensemble Theater Exchange Grant
Strange Joy in development

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Comment by Erika Latta on February 28, 2017 at 11:25am

Strange Joy (in development)

Conceived and Directed by Erika Latta

STRANGE JOY is a new cross-media theater work exploring the theme of

human desire. Set on an indoor film set, the story follows the director and his

crew in the process of making a film. Taking the audience through the landscape

of the movie set, we glimpse into the spectrum of desires, following the crew both

on and off the screen. In the search of perfection, take after take, the team

becomes oblivious to the outside world. The director becomes increasingly

deranged as the days go by in his search for perfection, while the crew

desperately tries to find their way out of the obsessive loop. But, the need to be

preserved and remembered drives the team to continue in extreme

circumstances in order to finish the film they set out to make.

Blurring the lines between installation, film and theater and taking inspiration from

Day for Night / Le Nuit American by Francois Truffaut and the documentaries of

film set environments of legendary directors such as Stanley Kubrick, and Alfred

Hitchcock, among others. STRANGE JOY aims to question and explore how

physical confinement and group dynamics affect the creative process.

Researching conditions reported from making theater and film, such as the

notorious “Confession Booth” created on the set for the performers to cope with

the filming of Dogville by Lars Von Trier and the ongoing Hawaii Space

Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS 4) experiment which tests moral

and the effects of a prolonged voyage to Mars, this collaboration questions our

need to make, record, capture, and conquer what we desire.

Actors Workshop Phase:

Carmel Amit, Ben Thys, April Sweeney, Jun Kim, Jordan Stanley, Melody Bates ,

Ean Sheehy, Carlo Marks, Kestrel Leah, Raymond Brahmi, Michael Sugarman,

Marla Phalen, Lucky Gretzinger, Reneé Gerardo, Cat DeAngelis Olson, Jon

Burklund, Gillian Chadsey, Gabriella Hiatt and Natalie Thomas.







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