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  • Oliver's Tale

    Oliver's Tale

    This is a short excerpt of my performance Oliver's Tale done in November 2011. Filmed by Mark Moore… Greg Pritchard Jan 26, 2012 18 views

  • inlayers Episode 5

    inlayers Episode 5

    The dancers review the existing material then take part in their first contact improv as a group. T… Taryn Javier Jan 25, 2012 16 views

  • inlayers Episode 4

    inlayers Episode 4

    Taryn got on the floor and moved through a personal improv while the dancers watched and moved with… Taryn Javier Jan 25, 2012 16 views

  • inlayers Episode 3

    inlayers Episode 3

    Taryn asked the dancers to bring a couple of objects to rehearsal that represents their story. With… Taryn Javier Jan 25, 2012 17 views

  • inlayers Episode 2

    inlayers Episode 2

    The dancers were given a key word that Taryn pulled from their personal stories regarding what cons… Taryn Javier Jan 25, 2012 19 views

  • inlayers Episode 1

    inlayers Episode 1

    In the first rehearsal for inlayers, the dancers were told to write down a story that best represen… Taryn Javier Jan 25, 2012 6 views


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