In the world that represents as the best possible one from other worlds it is referent his sterile hermetic role in self-reflection. Question of digital or analog reflection is constatation of hiperreality and everything that wants to be like that, but with the same certainly that it will never be, because one can be all – digital thesis, but all cannot be one – analog thesis. Synthesis doesn't exist, because those kinds of constellation of logical rules are not created yet. On the other hand, through the specter of social engagement this performance deals with issue of big number of victims, as the result of wars, on Balkans as well anywhere in the world. Through reflection, as process of thoughts that through action turns into seeable (corporal) engagement two kinds of reality make their peace: physical and metaphysical. By that, audience and performer as well are confronted with the thing potentially have in themselves and that is to be executor or the victim.

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