"Since ever my work is related to the human as his own conciseness. My will, as child and then as a grownup, has always been the search for a better reality, in which every step the agony and frustration are imposed. It is still a fight to bury preconceptions that invade my spirit and tie my soul. Fight..."
João Pedro Rodrigues

This performance was ordered by João Pedro Rodrigues's Art Gallery. Through the concept and photographs from the gallery I was supposed to create a performance in three days. What really got me was the way the concept was written, so poetic and not mirroring human and reality at all. Researching on George Orwell, 1984 I got some sentences that helped me to understand what is my poetical truth/reality for the piece. By combining George Orwell and my life experience I produced the piece. As there is no documentation of this performance, I always present the video installation.

concept | Filipe Canha
performer | Filipe Canha
sound | Duarte Cardoso
video | Filipe Canha


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