how do we enter and exit spaces? What do we see or don’ t see while doing something that we think we know?
sophia ribeiro

I glue things, i glue things that is to be thrown away, all the stuff that is
of no use anymore, old used things, new ones, very new ones, with no attraction, I place them next to each other, piled up or in lines, i don’t know, which ones; spaces around or no spaces.(...) Lurdes Castro

dis connected

created and performed by Sophia Ribeiro, in collaboration with Joana Fittipaldi
@ Open Performance, February 23, 2011
Judson Church, March 14, 2011

video documentation: Tomaz Capobianco

This research project was initiated in the framework of ex.e.r.ce 2010 program, module #3, at Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. Research opportunity funded by CCN de Montpellier and Camões Institute in Paris. Rehearsal space in New York provided by the artists Melanie Maar - The Loft and Joana Fittipaldi - School of Visual Arts studio.

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