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Performance Studies Post-Graduation
60 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)
Department of Anthropology
School of Social Sciences and Humanities
ISCTE- IUL/ Lisbon University Institute
CRIA- Center for Research in Anthropology
Coordinator: Prof. Paulo Raposo

Performance Studies includes the study of fundamental cultural, social, ethical and political issues in the context of artistic expression enriched by anthropological perspective. The aim of this course is to provide a critical introduction to key concepts, debates and practices in the Anthropology of Performance, with special attention to its contemporary uses, either in anthropology and in artistic practices. Taking as its starting point the students' exposure to the performative practice, the course addresses the need to integrate major strands of so-called Performance Studies, e.g.: the study of culture through the conceptual and methodological use of performance in order to (i) document / analyze the social world, (ii) communicate anthropological and artistic knowledge and (iii) experience the creative processes of performative intervention in particular social contexts. To (re) consider the anthropological knowledge in general, but also the contemporary art practice, the course aims to articulate the production of anthropological knowledge and artistic experimentation in contemporary societies. In an intensive Laboratory and Seminar-Project - workshops performative experimentation, use of digital visual media, interventions in public space - the practical components of the course will provide the opportunity to explore new paths for the communication of anthropological knowledge, particularly through creative records such as performance, installation, site-specific, performance, action, video art, streaming, interactive or public space performances.

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