DIGERSELTZ - Elvira Frosini / Kataklisma [debut : May 10th-13th 2012, Rome -Italy]

Elvira Frosini / Kataklisma

May 10th - 13th  2012 -
h 8:45 p.m.


in rassegna UBU REX 3 - Consorzio Ubusettete         
Teatro dell'Orologio      
Via dei Filippini 17/a - Rome - Italy
INFO & TICKETS tel. +39 06 6875550


by and with  Elvira Frosini

The artist is like the pig: do not throw anything.

It is a show crossed by ironic visions and words continuosly chewed from the mouth. Digerseltz offers food for the eyes, as essential as a sacrifice: a cake with a candle, a lamb, a crib-fence, the rituals of the birthday party, the banquet, the orgy, the funeral banquet, investigating the functions of a food that invades our society more and more voracious or anorexic.

Take, gorge, gorging. Collection, waste, bellies, mouths, intestines.

The body on stage that you eat and eat – eating the words, gorging on words, indigestion of words – like a lamb among wolves, scapegoat, trivial sacrifice given in meal to the public, given in meal to hungry or lazy eyes. The actor on stage, marginal in its irreducible otherness, consumes waste, the excess, and becomes the digestive body of the fragile  and gorging reality.
Food as an obsession of our time (of all time?); food as a political issue; to eat as irrepressible action of sustenance, standardized cultural practice, obsessive metaphor, self-destructive implosion. Eating is nevertheless an underground ritual action, linked to the relationship with our body / hunger, with death, with the sacred, with a community.

artistic collaboration  Daniele Timpano
light design Dario Aggioli
assistant Alessio Pala

original music Marco Maurizi
scenography and grafic design  Antonello Santarelli
foto Claudia Papini, Antonello Santarelli, Michele Tomaiuoli, Futura Tittaferrante
production : Kataklisma

in collaboration with: Officine CAOS/Stalker Teatro (Torino), Arti Vive Habitat(Soliera/Modena), Consorzio Ubusettete (Roma)

tel.  +39 338 3476616 
kataklismateatro@gmail.com  ;   www.kataklisma.it

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