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Sophia Ribeiro is a Swiss - Portuguese dancer-performer, researcher with Brazillian roots. Graduated in 2007 from Laban, London, with a BA(Hons) Dance Theatre.

In 2009 has worked with Pichet Klunchun and Lisa Nelson during, Island No.8 Muses.Masters.Monsters Festival, Tanzquartier Vienna, directed by Mathilde Monnier and Katrin Roschangar.

In 2009/2010 attended fia laboratories at  centro em movimento in Lisbon and continued studying and researching during ex.e.r.ce 2010 program, module #3, led by Loïc Touzé, Rémy Héritier, Stéphane Bouquet, Patric Chiha at Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. During ex.e.r.ce created Paper Cuts and Dans la Lumière, collaborating with Bryan Campbell, Ana Pi, Emmanuelle Santos, Boris Hennion and Thiago Granato.

Together with visual artist Joana Fittipaldi showed work-in-progress part of Movement Research Open Performance, at Dance Theater Workshop, moderated by Laurie Berg; created and performed - dis connected - at The Judson Church March 14, 2011; and finished a seven months arts administration and marketing work placement at Movement Research, through the Portuguese program Inov-ART, 2nd edition supported by DGArtes, Ministério da Cultura.

Recently has been invited to participate at Impulstanz Vienna 2011 Festival, research project Choreographers’Venture, urban transmedia: lab in performance choreographing complexity, led by the performer and choreographer Daniel Aschwanden.

Focus of  humanartistic interests are based on Composition, Improvisation, Interdisciplinary, Curatorial and Performance practices; Art-Society History; Laban analysis; Psychotherapy; movement-image-space dis-connections; details and transports of body(ies).


Currently research process continues to be related to the constant information that surrounds us: from where to where do we go? 

While attending ex.e.r.ce 2010 program I had the opportunity to shake, question and deepen lines of interest such as how do we enter and exit spaces? What do we see or don’t see while doing something that we think we know?

During last year research I begun to use and reuse the tool collage, which refreshed my interest about layers of objects and its relation to the body(ies). The process of collage has been allowing me p-lace(s) where it is possible to support will and curiosity to experiment, allocate a variety of information, discover strategies, break patterns, share thoughts and recognize individual and group choices. Through the process of collage I found a new possibility to dance with colour, texture, surface, light, historical, political, economical, social, cultural, sexual, philosophical, religious… communications.

Perhaps as a necessity to receive and respond to new stimulus and question from new angles how to look at dance and other art mediums, since two years on a daily basis I begun photo-video-graphing as another tool I collect photographs and video fragments of places that both captivate and intrigue me, and I notice endless ways how body, movement and space emphasize visible and secret details. As a dancer, performer, creator and collaborator  I would like to continue searching for new territories; dialogues; physical, emotional and intellectually challenging situations, to be provoked, exposed and 'trans(formed)ported'.



Papers Cuts


Dans la lumière

This research project was initiated in the framework of ex.e.r.ce 2010 program, module #3, at Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier. Research opportunity funded by CCN de Montpellier and Camões Institute in Paris.


dis connected (fragment of 13minutes piece)

Rehearsal space for the development of this new phase of the research project in New York was provided by the artists Melanie Maar - The Loft and Joana Fittipaldi - School of Visual Arts studio.


Life in Blue




self-collective portrait © sophia ribeiro

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