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Bruno Listopad talks to ICKamsterdam 



What is the theme/goal of your project and how did it come about?


The objective of this movement research is to find precarious modes of embodiment striped from choreographic or dramaturgical context. I wish to investigate how dis-orienting organization mechanisms can turn into generative models of movement production. The origin of this research lays in my interest in the formal relation between chaos and order and between the poetics of malfunction and the discourse on “new” virtuosity.


What do you want to achieve/learn/try with this project and through the collaboration with ICKamsterdam?


With this project I want to deepen my understanding of how simulation (creating ones context), constrain (setting ones limits), the immersion into chaotic states (abandoning oneself to chaos and reorganizing ones inhabitation/command of this), alienation (becoming an external observer of what is taking place within oneself), chance (welcoming accident and perceiving this as an opportunity for associative thinking) and precariousness (investing in instability and failure) can generate together a language in which virtuosity is the residue of dysfunction itself.

EG|PC have an extensive history in researching the potentiality of the body through a dialogue with its precariousness. Therefore, I anticipate that an exchange with ICKamsterdam will grant me the adequate framework to re-examine the position of the body within both my artistic and pedagogic practice.


Where do you see yourself (as an artist) in the future?


In the future I imagine myself pursuing the practices that I am already occupied within the present day, that involve disseminating the arts of space, time and embodiment through diverse means, like: making work, teaching and curtaining...



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