What are stage directions and what is dialog is pretty clear, but sorry if it's not!

It’s night again. The same setting as the first one. It is even hotter than before if that is even possible. After many moments of silence TEMPERANCE sits up strait with her eyes open. She gets out of bed and kneels at her trunk. She begins to take out items and examine them, raise them to the sky, hug them, play with them, then put them down. They’re not toys, they could be small objects like pencils or rags or a box, not things that you would normally play with. She has a collection of odd things. She’s had this collection for a long time. She seems to put them down in the shape of a five-pointed star. CECILY is the only one that visibly wakes up. She goes to TEMPERANCE. Loud.
CECILY covers TEMPERANCE’s mouth with her hand. TEMPERANCE quiets. Some girls stir. Beat.
CECILY: Shhhhhhh…
CECILY slowly uncovers TEMPERANCE’s mouth. She speaks softly.
TEMPERANCE: You’ll never find out what I can do. They can’t take him away. There’s nothing you can do! This is mine. This is mine. This is mine…
She continues to take things out of her trunk and put them down.
TEMPERANCE: I’m going to play now.
CECILY: (Demanding.) Temperance you have to go to bed, why are you awake?
TEMPERANCE: Temperance you have to go to bed, why are you awake? Why are you awake? Why are you awake? Why are you awake...
TEMPERANCE stops and stares at the door. Her mouth begins to hang. She sees something at the door. CECILY looks at the door, then back to TEMPERANCE. She thinks she can’t see what TEMPERANCE can see from the angle she’s at. CECILY moves next to TEMPERANCE to try and see what she’s looking at. CECILY is frustrated and moves back, kneeling in front of TEMPERANCE.
CECILY: (Sharp whisper.) What?!? What is it?!?
CECILY grabs TEMPERANCES upstage arm and tries to pull her closer. TEMPERANCE pulls back and stands up. CECILY has ripped off the sleeve of TEMPERANCE’s nightgown. TEMPERANCE doesn’t notice. CECILY doesn’t know what to do, there’s some blood on her hand, she wipes it on the sleeve and goes back into her bed. TEMPERANCE points at the door.
TEMPERANCE: N-no. I—I can’t go like that! AHHHHH!
She begins to cry and stumble about the room. The other girls begin to wake up and make noises, wimpering, ALICE begins to cry. TEMPERANCE hears ALICE and collapses on the floor with a lot of weight, she mumbles, terrified and angry at the door. She climbs back into her bed. She speaks very slowly.
TEMPERANCE: She…maybe…couldn’t you…try…once I…we...see…can’t…can’t…

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