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With Maud Robart - Odes to the Ever-Living

With Maud Robart

Odes to the Ever-Living



Maud Robart will lead a workshop for 5 days in the Scottish Highlands in Inverness between the 6th and the 11th June 2015 with a maximum of 10 selected Participants. The sessions will take place in the Newboldhouse, 30 mins away from Inverness Airport, offering an immersive experience in a natural environment. 


A few words about…


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About love(in) Chekhov

Rawmatterial invites actors and directors for an exploration of Chekhov’s short stories through the method of the etude led by performer and directorMaria Gaitanidi. Participants will work from the author’s material via monologues and scenes, towards the discovery of their actor’s nature, their creativity and their artistic independence.
 About Chekhov began in October 2013 as a series of sessions introducing actors to Maria Knebel's and Anatoli Vassiliev's…

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About Chekhov - A workshop led by Rawmatterial

 Participants will unwrap their organicity via the practice of the ‘étude’, as developed by K. Stanislavski during the last years of his life and transmitted by M. Knebel, A.Popov and A. Vassiliev. Through a creative process breaking theatrical clichés, the actors will be initiated to Chekhov’s polyphonic writing. The practical exploration will be collective, working via monologues and scenes. The sessions will be led by Maria Gaitanidi using the material of one of Chekhov’s masterpieces.…


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The Actor-Creator: Rawmatterial’s Workshop Vol.2

‘In terms of working as an actor, it has made me more aware of my own potential in creating material, rather than responding to a director’s interpretation or vision. It has made me aware of my potential as a creator.’ Workshop participant, Actor-Creator Vol.1, Nov 2012

Applications are now open for…

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The Actor- Creator: Autumn Workshop by Rawmatterial

a 9 day intense laboratory using Maria Knebel's and Anatoli Vassiliev's pedagogical approaches for the first time in the UK. Check our blog for more info and please share with whoever might be interested.

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A few days left to apply for Theatre Workshop Oscar Wilde/Ludic Play

Truth in art is about lying..... Apply Oscar Wilde's thoughts on performance, click on

Rawmatterial launches its first studio laboratory, a practice rarely encountered in the U.K., with a theatre approach that has never been explored in the land of Shakespeare ever before.

Addressed to theatre professionals and drama…


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