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MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART-BERLIN 2013 programme now online!



The MONTH OF PERFORMANCE ART is a 31 day citywide platform supporting, celebrating and presenting BERLIN’s independent, contemporary and experimental performance art scene.

MPA–B is not a festival; it has neither…


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herStay presents: Compose yourself

Compose yourself


performance / film

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VDREY's first exhibition in Berlin+Opening performance night.

In collaboration with Berliner Jugend Fabrik and Gallery Knoth+Krüger VDREY presents « Light Of... »,her first photos exhibition in Berlin+Opening night with special art performance by VDREY Feat SCHULTZ. Opening the 16 th February 16h-21h. Free entrance. Exhibtion 16th february-22th February. Free entrance.…


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Couve-Flor - Following its announced death, the Brazilian collective is presented for the first time in the United States

Immoderate Bodies – Couve-Flor Video Performances

by Couve-Flor collective (Brazil)

December 14, 2012 - January 5, 2013

chashama Gallery

461 W. 126th Street - New York, NY 10027

(between Amsterdam and Morningside Ave.) 

Opening Reception:

Friday, December 14, 6 - 8 pm

Gallery Hours: 

Tuesday - Sunday, 1 - 6 pm, or by…


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LiquidDocs 02: book presentation and performance of Àngels Margarit /cia. Mudances

Opening 31 october, 2012:

  • 7.30 p.m. Book presentation and performance by Àngels Margarit 

The exhibition liquidDocs_02: ÀNGELS MARGARIT_MUDANCES and presentation of the graphic design and publishing process for Bookmagazine liquidDocs_02, a special edition on choreographer Àngels Margarit_Mudances. With a performance…


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performance at Nacht van de Nacht

I am directing a performance of 5 dancers in Nacht van de Nacht in Vlaardingen at October 27 from 20:00 hrs in the Oranjepark in Vlaardingen. I made a piece of four female dancers in white costumes conquer the light pollution (part of Honza Svasek). The female dancers are: Sonia Egner, Ingrun Schnitzler, Clara Burdet and Alice Pons. Music by Michal Osowski. …


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artist's life 101: what's the best moment in a storyteller's life?

that's an easy answer: when she finds her throughline.

very happy to have discovered the inciting incident of my story - which gives my central character a throughline + motivation, and my pivotal character/antagonist a reason to be in the story besides looking like a 21st century samurai pimp.

this particular study needs a lot of technical development, but i have mastered a major hurdle in developing TYFTB (thank you from…


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artist's Life 101: thank you from the bottom, goddammit

as we all know, art is a lot of hard work. it took me 5 hours to do all the things i needed to shoot short entreactes for my new live-action storyboard TYFTB. there is a character, either fantastical or supernatural TBD, who haunts the hallway in the middle of the night at a mental hospital  - the setting of the movie.

i used to be a sculptor. some of my wood figures were so big that i would work on one side all day and i would have to wait…


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Performance Art in Brooklyn

Grace Exhibition Space wants to keep initiating discussions around Performance Art.

The term "Performance Art" has come to mean many different things, with an interpretations and uses as wide and vast as the oceans.

How do you differentiate the vastness of the various Performance Art meanings? It can mean the perfornativity of a Mercedes to the performativity of a pinky . . . .

To us, the meaning is specific to a particular art form that we live and present on a regular…


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Artist's Life 101: Commitment

commitment. the word that came to mind when i started watching this Kool: Dancing in My Mind, Robert Wilson's homage to Japanese dancer and choreographer, Suzushi Hanayagi. it also came to mind what the best people who have taught me all said - when you move, move like you mean it and know why you mean it and where you came from. 

when i…


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The theater of violent actions presents El Ruído y La Furia

Here is the link to a blog with multiple informations on 'The theater of violent actions presents El Ruído y La Furia' (El Teatro de Acción Violenta presenta El Ruido y la Furia).

This work openly challenge artistic & political representational systems. The 7 performers, mature women without much prior acting experience, manage to fashion an intense & dangerous collective experience. It deals with political violence, communal life, will power & limits…


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Artist's Life 101: Jealous of my actor's performance

There really is a first time for everything, including being jealous of your actor's performance of his monologue in your movie. I am more crapshooter than competitive - it does not make me crazy when another actor outshines me. Sometimes it makes me feel like I should quit, but that's…

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Kitchen Scenes, September 15, 2012

my specialty as a solo theatre artist was mimickry, morphing from one character into another. the first scene i ever did this in took place between a young woman, her mother, her grandmother and her stepfather who were having an argument - and it happened in a kitchen. ever after, i called my multiple character scenes "kitchen scenes." having painted half my kitchen Chroma Green, i am still doing kitchen scenes.



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TYFTB, Monologue 1 (study for 'thank you from the bottom')

i think i am going to have to do a lot of these, most of which will likely be mostly backstory and have to be thrown out. this creature believes the Universe is collapsing and she needs to escape into a black hole. this monologue would occur after she was hospitalized. in this scene, she has been put into a saferoom by herself to settle her down.…


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Homo File, a new perormance by Seth Eisen about Samuel Steward, college professor, tattoo artist, and sexual rebel

CounterPULSE artist in residence, Seth Eisen writes and directs an ensemble of multidisciplinary performers/artists/collaborators in his new Queer history performance project titled Homo File, chronicling the life of Sam Steward, (1909-1993).

Steward was a college professor, a prolific author of homoerotic fiction, an influential tattoo artist, and Queer sexual maverick who lived his last 3 decades in the Bay Area. His artistic development and Queer self-awareness…


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New Paradise Laboratories Newest Work To Debut at Live Arts Fringe - 27

Say you die, and in the Afterlife, you are greeted by the 27 Club - Winehouse, Morrison, Joplin—even Cobain. Metaphysical hijinks ensue. Join New Paradise Laboratories for the world premiere of 27. The party lasts forever.

And add Riley Walter as a friend:…


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Latest update to my movie - almost done

Rebecca Longworth as 'Becky'



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My First Submission to Sundance

"Thank you for watching my movie. It is a privilege to have it seen by people who have worked so hard, taken so many risks as artists, and then paid it forward by participating as panelists. Thank you also for creating community.



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Flashing Bodies: "The Movie!"

Completely Naked starts a new project as a natural evolution from Flashing Bodies: "The Movie!"



Think Surrealist, experimental, think human people in the desert, think retro post avant-garde, think nonsense, think sex, think cool, think Mexican, think…


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