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Themes in my work -- Themes in your work?

Hi everyone:


Much of my artistic work (performance art, fabric/garment work, digital media) is preoccupied with psychiatry and the stigmas surrounding mental illness. This is, of course, rooted in personal and family issues. Do any other artists out there have work that illustrates such motifs? Would you talk about it? I would love to hear about others' approaches to the subject matter.

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The jury members below

Amanda Roberts (MAC Middlelands Arts Center)

Miguel Oyarzun (BE FESTIVAL)

Sandra Fdez Agirre (Laressistens)

have decided to give:

ARRIAGA-ACT Prize 2011 to the best short piece to.


Electrifying stage presence which surprised us in every moment. The performer offered the audience a deceptively simple yet honest, bold and strong performance, revealing endless layers of her creative range. The… Continue

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Dimanche Rouge #5

Le prochain Dimanche Rouge se tiendra le 19 juin dans deux lieux en parallèle : à la fois au traditionnel Chapon Rouge et à la fois à la NOO-TEK, un nouveau lieu très spacieux qui vient d’ouvrir au Métro Église de Pantin.La « NOO-TEK », ex-fonderie Jacob, est un espace immense et ancien datant du début du siècle dernier et transformé en galerie d’art. Cet espace sans commune mesure couvre 1200 m². Pour donner un ordre d’idée en se rapprochant de lieux reconnus, nous pourrions situer la «… Continue

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Catastrophes Naturelles - Les idiotes - 15 mai 2011

Photographie Soline de Warren

Dimanche Rouge  http://dimancherouge.wordpress.com/

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To Hell and Back: Asesinos por una Noche

To Hell and Back: Asesinos por una Noche

By Annie Hollingsworth of artburstmiami.com

Last night's Asesinos por una Noche was an intensely dark, multimedia performance presented by local artists Alexey Taran, Carla Forte, and the Bistoury Physical Theater. It's a good guess that each person in the audience last night felt about the show they way they feel about conflict in their lives: some people are repelled by it, others numb themselves to it, and some indulge in it for… Continue

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Artists: Antonio G. Lauer a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac and BADco. Curated by: What, How and for Whom/WHWTomislav Gotovac & BADco. at the 54th Venice Biennale

Tomislav Gotovac BADco. at the 54th Venice Biennale

The exhibition, One Needs to Live Self-Confidently... Watching, presents Antonio G. Lauer a.k.a. Tomislav Gotovac and theatre collective BADco. from Zagreb. The art of Tomislav Gotovac is based on the idea of ‘global directing’, not only as applied to film directing, but also as it extends into everyday life. BADco.’s artistic practice, operating at the intersection of theatre, performance and dance, engages with a… Continue

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