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Caden Manson (Network Curator)'s Page

Profile Information

Performance Discipline
Curator for Contemporary Performance Network
Artistic Director of Big Art Group
Caden Manson is founder of Big Art Group (1999 to present) and Curator of (2010 to present)

ABOUT BIG ART GROUP:Big Art Group is a New York City performance company founded in 1999. The company uses the language of media and blended states of performance in a unique form to build culturally transgressive and challenging new works. Since its inception, it has toured nationally and internationally and produced critically acclaimed works including the ‘Real Time Film’ trilogy Shelf Life, Flicker, House of No More, SOS; and its reality-based theatre series The People. He is co-creator, director, video designer and scenographer on all 11 Big Art Group productions that have toured to over 60 cities thoughout North American, Asia and Europe for the past 12 years. Manson has also shown video installations in Austria, France, USA and Germany; performed his solo work,PAIN KILLER, in Berlin, Singapore and Vietnam; and taught workshops and masters courses in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Turin, New York, Toulouse, Montreal, San Francisco, and Bern. His ensemble has been co-produced by the Vienna Festival, Festival d’Automne a Paris, Hebbel Am Ufer, Rome’s La Vie de Festival, Theatre Garonne, Wexner Center for The Arts, and The Kitchen NYC. He is a recipient of the 2001 Foundation For Contemporary Art Fellowship, is a 2002 Pew Fellow and received a 2009 Fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He lives in New York City and outside Philadelphia where he maintains his studio.

The Contemporary Performance Network is an online community and blog with a growing roster of artists, scholars and presentering members in the field of performance. Manson founded the community in July of 2010 and today it has grown to over 12000 members and fans world wide. The term Contemporary Performance is used to describe hybrid performance works and artists that travel between the fields of Experimental Theatre, Dance, Video Art, Visual Art, Music Composition and Performance Art without adhering to one specific field's practice.

Contemporary Performance Blog

Opportunities: LaMaMa Umbria 2017: International Symposium for Directors (Fee)

LaMaMa Umbria 2017: International Symposium for Directors (July 17, 2017 – August 16, 2017) Deadline: May 15, 2017 Apply Online –> The International Symposium for Directors is training program for professional directors, choreographers, actors and others. Internationally renowned theatre artists conduct workshops and lecture/demonstrations. During the Symposium, participants will travel to Umbrian towns such as Orvieto, Perugia  or Assisi to get a taste of Umbrian art and culture. Performances at local arts festivals and community fairs are also included.  In addition, participating directors may conduct their own workshops to share insights and techniques with their colleagues. Participants will be exposed to a variety of theatrical perspectives during the Symposium, from instructors who will expand their sense of what is possible in the theatre. Directors attending the Symposium see how prominent artists on the international scene create their unique productions. The workshops are participatory, and it is expected that all attendees will engage actively in the processes of the various teaching artists. SYMPOSIUM SESSION ONE (July 17 – July 31, 2017) SYMPOSIUM SESSION TWO (August 2- 16, 2017) APPLICATION PROCESS: Space is limited. Registrants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Registrants must fill out the Registration Form. Space is secured with a deposit of $1,000 due with the registration form. $100 of the deposit is a non-refundable processing fee (unless the Symposium is already full when we receive your registration). All fees should be paid in US dollars in the form of checks or money orders payable to La MaMa ETC. In the case that a participant cannot attend the Symposium after having paid, 50% of the fee will be refunded if the participant cancels by June 20, 2016. After this date, the fee will not be refundable. FEE: $2,800 for one session / $5,400 for both sessions. Fee includes all workshops, housing and meals, ground transportation from the Rome airport to and from La MaMa Umbria, excursions by bus, van or car, including tickets to performances at a local festival, entrance fees to museums and other points of interest. CREDIT: The La MaMa International Symposium is accredited through Sarah Lawrence College. While the Symposium is geared for working professionals, some slots may be filled by university students, who may get credit (2 credits for one session of the Symposium and 1 credit for the Retreat) for their participation through an arrangement with Sarah Lawrence College. For more information, please contact La MaMa at (212) 254-6468.  

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Apply Today: 1/2/8 The System Is Uncertain Research Residencies PACT

1/2/8 THE SYSTEM IS UNCERTAIN RESEARCH RESIDENCIES Deadline: 27th of March 2017 // 5 pm Apply Online: PACT is as a developmental working and presentation space for contemporary performance art at the interface between science, technology and society. Alongside delivering a wide-ranging programme of performances and public events, PACT’s work is firmly rooted in it’s well-known residency programme and ongoing engagement with diverse forms of knowledge transfer. Within the scope of advanced research and development activities, PACT establishes ongoing project series and opens up spaces where society, the world and art interlink. In Spring 2017 PACT is launching 1/2/8 a new, central and long-term research and development format with a special focus on the connection between knowledge and actions. The format offers substantial time and space for practices of cooperation between people, objects, space, technology and experimentation. The first chapter of 1/2/8 centres around deviation: How can we implement changes in or outside of static systems of thought and organization? How can we foresee, develop and connect alternative forms of action? What kind of resources, possibilities, opportunities and spaces of action do we need? To take an in-depth look at these questions, we are inviting artists, scientists, journalists and experts from other varied fields of knowledge, to work in our studios in May 2017 and enter into dialogue and experiments with one another during symposia, idea labs, talks, lectures, workshops and public gatherings and presentations. Supported by temporary research fellowships, those taking part will actively contribute to the shape and substance of PACT’s key areas of activity as a research platform, artists’ centre and performance venue. Ideas and issues raised during research stays will be debated within the framework of public events and performances. A RESIDENCY CAN INCORPORATE THE FOLLOWING: Studio space (from 69 to 173 sq. m.) Local accommodation (max. 6 people) Weekly grant allowance of 500 € for all of the residency project participants (max. 6 people) Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (subject to prior agreement) Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability) Possible lectures, workshops, exhibitions or performances (at short notice and subject to agreement) ONLINE APPLICATIONS REQUIRE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION: A proposed research project (max. 1000 characters including spaces) short chronological CV for everyone involved in the project (max. 2000 characters) We welcome applications with links to prior artistic or scientific work.

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Steve Of Tomorrow at The Collapsable Hole March 16-April 1, 2017 @ 8pm

STEVE OF TOMORROW March 16 – April 1, 2017 @8pm The Collapsable Hole 55 Bethune Street, NYC Tickets are $20 ($15 for students/seniors) In Commander/Ramirez’s video-puppetry performance, STEVE OF TOMORROW, a couchsurfing time traveler Steve appears at a crammed apartment shared by sci-fi blogger Ralph and his partner Scott. Steve lands in the middle of a media frenzy surrounding a corporate-produced hurricane. What ensues is a split-screen dark comedy about miscommunication in the age of pervasive media and a democracy interrupted by a flurry of pop-up windows. “I wanted to make a show about how every step into the future seems to divide us, especially now that anxiety has taken a hold on the nation. I want to tell this bleak story using puppets, of course,” says Commander of his 2015 production which strikes a timely chord in the age of Donald Trump. STEVE OF TOMORROW will be performed by its co-creators writer/director  David Commander and media artist Rob Ramirez, and Lisa Clair. The show features additional computer animation by Jangle Miau, additional voice and video performance by Cary Curran, Jedidiah Clarke, Hanlon Smith-Dorsey, set design by David Commander, and lighting by Takaaki Ando. David Commander has written, directed and performed his particular style of contemporary toy theater since 2010. His work has been presented at venues in NYC, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Portland, and Chicago. Commander is a long time member of Big Art Group, a company dedicated to building culturally transgressive and challenging new works of theatre through using the language of media and blended states of performance. Rob Ramirez is a performance artist, DJ, and computer programmer based in Brooklyn. He is a core member of the art collective Immediate Medium. Collaboration with Commander aside, he has worked with such multidisciplinary artists as Phil Soltanoff, Joe Diebes, and Kurt Hentschlager. Ramirez’s work has been performed and exhibited nationally and abroad, including festivals as COIL (NYC), Fusebox (Austin), Push (Vancouver, CA), and at EMPAC (Troy). Lisa Clair is a playwright and performer based in Brooklyn. Her work has been presented at the SFX Festival at The Wild Project, University Settlement, Dixon Place, and Ars Nova. As a performer, she collaborates with NYC-based Theater artists David Commander, Normandy Sherwood, Banana Bag and Bodice, Nellie Tinder, Dan Fishback, and Immediate Medium. She is currently pursuing her MFA in playwriting at Brooklyn College under Mac Wellman. Immediate Medium is an anti-disciplinary artist collective committed to the creation of works that challenge formal distinctions between performance, dance, film, and visual art. Through a unique cooperative producing model, they offer comprehensive support and professional development to artists making vital, experiential art that provokes creators and audiences alike. Our programs offer artists a home for experimentation and risk-taking within a supportive community dedicated to creating hybrid performance. Through their AGENCY program, they also offer production resources, including commissions, residencies, fiscal sponsorship, marketing/PR, fundraising, equipment, and administrative support. The Collapsable Hole is a cavernous performance space in the basement of Westbeth Arts in New York City’s West Village. It is run by a group of eight artists and artist-run organizations. Originally founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2000 by Collapsable Giraffe and Radiohole in what was a rundown garage, the first Hole was a home for “an approximate inventory of New York’s most innovative artists” (Village Voice) and had a run of 13 years. After a few years in the wilderness, the Hole has been resurrected in new form but with its irrepressibly unruly ethos intact. Current resident artists are: Mallory Catlett, Jim Findlay, Findlay//Sandsmark, Daniel Fish, Immediate Medium, Aaron Landsman, Okwui Okpokwasili, and Radiohole. FB event (Source: Press Release Email)

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In Performance: Jen Rosenblit & Geo Wyeth – Swivel Spot (The Kitchen)

A companion piece to Rosenblit’s Clap Hands, which ran most recently at the 2017 American Realness festival, Swivel Spot continues Rosenblit’s line of performative inquiry into pairing and relationships, and marks a new collaboration between Rosenblit and music/performance/installation artist Geo Wyeth. Comprised of gently accumulating scored movement punctuated by surprising turns of music and interaction, Swivel Spot watches Rosenblit and Wyeth fumble blindfolded through a motley landscape of objects and sound, groping for grounding, and for one another. Alexia Welch, the “supportive performer” who also provided her gentle care for Clap Hands, trails Rosenblit and Wyeth with plastic wrap, methodically pinning a city of objects to the gallery floor at The Kitchen. Welch’s methodical attention to materials stands in stark contrast to designer Nica Ross’s diffuse rose lighting, which makes the space seem to float just barely above the ground. Together, these elements create a tense landscape for Rosenblit and Wyeth to traverse: the humans hold the slippery, liminal space that lies between objects and light. They constantly turn surprising corners as they lean towards and away from one another, tearing away plastic to find lotion, or clothing, or a jug; stopping to lounge imposingly with peanuts; and in Wyeth’s case, suddenly keening a powerful and strange song, his heart audible for just a moment. Meaning creeps up slowly on the audience member in Swivel Spot, as the piece moves swiftly and unassumingly between the familiar and the uncanny. Ultimately, Rosenblit and Wyeth meet one another in something of a bullfight, as Welch quietly dons a matador’s jacket. Their arrival seems to ask if every interaction between humans on some level is a fight, or a battle won, or a thrilling performance. Indeed, through the distraction littering their space at every turn, the struggle of the ultimate meeting is more triumphant than violent, a sweaty, fumbling victory over the terror of everyday minutiae. Swivel Spot – Jen Rosenblit & Geo Wyeth – The Kitchen

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Apply Today: Open Call – ATALAIA Artes Performativas 2017 – Creative Residencies

ATALAIA Artes Performativas 2017 – Creative Residencies Deadline: March 20, 2017 Apply Online:   ATALAIA – Associação de Amigos da Cultura e das Artes (ATALAIA), the Municipality of Aljustrel and the Municipality of Ourique (the Municipalities) and the Regional Directorate of Culture of Alentejo / Ministry of Culture (DRCA) are opening an international call for the reception of proposals for creation residencies and public presentation during the fourth edition of Atalaia Artes Performativas (AAP) for projects in the areas of the performing arts. The AAP intends to give creative space and promote nearness and exchange between creators and leading figures in the area of contemporary performing arts and the community of the interior of Southern Alentejo. We offer the opportunity of a public display of the developed work. Participation Conditions: Individual or collective creators, national and international, over 18 years of age, who, independently of their training and through the information presented, demonstrate to have a trajectory or project of artistic exploration in the field of performing arts. Performative arts encompass all artistic domains of performative character, such as dance, theater, performance, music, visual arts, multimedia and new circus, regardless of the means used by the creators. Where: Ourique/Aljustrel, Baixo Alentejo, Portugal When: Creative Residences: 1 May 2017 to 29 June 2017 || Public Presentations: 30 June 2017 to 16 July 2017 How to apply: Applications must be submitted only through an online form created for this purpose: Regulation: Website: Facebook:

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