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Caden Manson (Network Curator)'s Page

Profile Information

Performance Discipline
Curator for Contemporary Performance Network
Artistic Director of Big Art Group
Caden Manson is founder of Big Art Group (1999 to present) and Curator of (2010 to present)

ABOUT BIG ART GROUP:Big Art Group is a New York City performance company founded in 1999. The company uses the language of media and blended states of performance in a unique form to build culturally transgressive and challenging new works. Since its inception, it has toured nationally and internationally and produced critically acclaimed works including the ‘Real Time Film’ trilogy Shelf Life, Flicker, House of No More, SOS; and its reality-based theatre series The People. He is co-creator, director, video designer and scenographer on all 11 Big Art Group productions that have toured to over 60 cities thoughout North American, Asia and Europe for the past 12 years. Manson has also shown video installations in Austria, France, USA and Germany; performed his solo work,PAIN KILLER, in Berlin, Singapore and Vietnam; and taught workshops and masters courses in Berlin, Rome, Paris, Turin, New York, Toulouse, Montreal, San Francisco, and Bern. His ensemble has been co-produced by the Vienna Festival, Festival d’Automne a Paris, Hebbel Am Ufer, Rome’s La Vie de Festival, Theatre Garonne, Wexner Center for The Arts, and The Kitchen NYC. He is a recipient of the 2001 Foundation For Contemporary Art Fellowship, is a 2002 Pew Fellow and received a 2009 Fellowship from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. He lives in New York City and outside Philadelphia where he maintains his studio.

The Contemporary Performance Network is an online community and blog with a growing roster of artists, scholars and presentering members in the field of performance. Manson founded the community in July of 2010 and today it has grown to over 12000 members and fans world wide. The term Contemporary Performance is used to describe hybrid performance works and artists that travel between the fields of Experimental Theatre, Dance, Video Art, Visual Art, Music Composition and Performance Art without adhering to one specific field's practice.

Contemporary Performance Blog

Featured: Drodesera Festival Supercontinent, The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award (Dro, Italy)

DRODESERA is a contemporary art festival currently at its 37th edition This year is taks place from 21st to 29th July at Centrale Fies, Dro (Trento), which has been hosting the festival exclusively for last 17 years. The Art Work Space has opened its doors onto its artistic production, pursuing and fomenting its nature of multiform reality and its mission of presenting artistic and cultural biodiversity. SUPERCONTINENT is the title chosen for this year’s edition, for a modern Pangaea sewn back together by new technologies and migratory routes, in symbiosis with a constantly mutating land. Tradition and innovation intertwine together in order to generate a balance based upon diversities. The 5th LIVE WORKS Performance Act Award will launch the Festival this year, with its new productions investigating how art’s political identity is not only present in the critical thinking behind art making, but also applies to the active process itself. The Award, a platform dedicated solely to Performance Art, re-invigorates Centrale Fies with fresh ideas that twist the award system, transforming the selected winners and the panel of judges into an all-round curator panel comprehensive of a network useful to artists. 10 winning projects will be presented from 21s to 23rd July. The selection consists of – Alok Vaid-Menon, Claudia Pagès Rabal, Gaetano Cunsolo, Kent Chan, Lisa Vereetbrugghen, Madison Bycroft, Mercedes Azpilicueta, Mohamed Abdelkarim, Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea, Urok Shirhan – with the presence of guest performers such as Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (“Orphic Exuberance Versus Solar Capitalism” | national premiere), Philipp Gehmacher (“walk+talk no. 22” | national premiere), Sarah Vanhee (“The Making of Justice”) e Mykki Blanco (“Concert”). (Source: Festival Website) Schedule for Live Works: Friday 21st July: h. 19.30 – Sala Comando Mercedes Azpilicueta AR) / Yuko & Justine Friday 21st July: h. 20.45 – h. 22.30 – Forgia Urok Shirhan (IQ/NL) / Empty Orchestra Friday 21st July: dalle/from h. 21.00 – Orti Gaetano Cunsolo (IT) / Soon as night falls… I’ll start to build Friday 21st July: h. 21.30 – Turbina 2 Madison Bycroft (AUS) / Mollusc theory – soft bodies Friday 21st July: h. 23.00 – Turbina 1 Mykki Blanco (US) / Concert guest performer Saturday 22nd July: h. 20.00 – Sala comando Leandro Nerefuh/Ribidjunga Cardoso (BR) / Orphic Exuberance Versus Solar Capitalism prima nazionale/national première guest performer Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.00 – h. 23.00 – Mezzelune Lisa Vereertbrugghen (BE) / Softcore – a hardcore encounter Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.00 – h. 23.00 – Forgia Claudia Pagès Rabal (ES) / Emissions, fools & care Saturday 22nd July: h. 21.45 – Turbina 1 Alok Vaid-Menon (IN/US) / Watching you / Watch me Sunday 23rd July: h. 19.00 – Mezzelune Mohamed Abdelkarim / A Gift to Those Who Contemplate the Marvels of Renegades Sunday 23rd July: h. 20.00 – Sala comando Philipp Gehmacher (AT) / walk+talk no. 22 prima nazionale/national première guest performer Sunday 23rd July: h. 21.00 – Turbina 1 Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea / es†uar¡no Sunday 23rd July: h. 22.30 – Turbina 2 Kent Chan (SG) / Floats Like A Magnet Sunday 23rd July: h. 23.00 – Forgia Sarah Vanhee (BE) / The Making of Justice guest performer film

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In Performance: Ivy Baldwin Dance, Keen [No. 2]

Keen [No. 2] Ivy Baldwin Dance Abrons Arts Center 466 Grand St June 1-11 A massive installation constructed out of white paper (by the artists Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen) fills the back wall of the Abrons Playhouse. Its elaborate, vaguely ominous assemblage of coils, tendrils, and vortexes loom over a single dancer alone in the space, but her bright orange leotard and grounded, deliberate movements hold their own, commanding our attention. Later, the stage is overtaken by a group of similarly attired women: trilling with increasing aggression, they gradually assemble into a pack, crawling in circles in a feral display until they exhaust themselves and lay quiet. Ivy Baldwin arises for a quiet solo, holding her leg suspended in air for so long it begins to seem like something separate from her body, before making a slow, shuddering exit. Throughout, the paper installation is impassive, unchanging and remote—until a furious sequence near the end of the work connects it to the dancers and the rest of the space with thrilling tangibility. Created in response to the death of Baldwin’s close friend and collaborator Lawrence Cassella, Keen [No. 2] engages head-on with grief, its rituals and physical manifestations. Alternating large group sequences with intimate solos and duets, the performance stages mourning on various scales, from the communal to the deeply personal. Where does the body hold grief, and how does it remember loss? Through ceremonies both public and private, the choreography offers up a wide spectrum of possibilities. In the group sections, informed by Baldwin’s research into the Irish tradition of keening, the dancers’ bodies have a wild and dangerous energy; at times these sequences approach an almost rapturous collective catharsis. In the solos (by Baldwin and her longtime collaborators Eleanor Smith and Katie Workum), the bodies are more controlled but no less raw, accessing and provoking visceral emotion. At the center of the piece is a tender duet between Smith and Workum. Smith stands behind Workum, guiding her limbs like a trainer or a healer; under this coaxing, Workum emits low, mournful cries that eventually resolve into the Shaker dancing song “Simple Gifts.” It comes across as both elegy and exhortation: “by turning, turning we come round right.” Baldwin is grappling with something that, like that monumental accumulation of paper on the back wall, is enormous and inscrutable. In response she turns, turns, and the honesty and artistry with which she and her company do so is itself a gift. [Photo: Maria Baranova]

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Apply Today: Open Call – Residencies – Theater of the Anthropocene / Media, Nature, Society (International, Belgium)

Call for applications: residencies – Theater of the Anthropocene / Media, Nature, Society La Fabrique de Théâtre / Service Provincial des Arts de la Scène (Belgium) Deadline: Monday, 13th of June 2017. Apply Online: (In French) The Fabrique de Théâtre / Service des Arts de la Scène de la Province de Hainaut, launches this year a call for application dedicated to performing art artists whishing to work in residency on the theme “Theater of the Antropocene / Media, Nature, Society”. This residency is open to performing arts artists as a single person, or accompanied by a professional of another field (journalist, researcher, philosopher, writer, scientist, etc.). The residency is planned on two weeks work, one in September, the second one in November, and will consist, for the artists, in getting into an intensive and short period of creation, within the scope of a workshop led by American Artivists the “Yes Men”. The results of that research will be presented at SIGNAL festival in Brussels, organized by CIFAS, on Saturday September 30th, and/or during the A.P.R.E.M. #6 event, at the Fabrique de Théâtre, on November 16th, 17th and 18th, 2017. The two working periods are: From Monday, 25th to Saturday, 30th of September 2017: research residency at the Fabrique de Théâtre with professional workshop with the “Yes Men”. From Monday 13th to Saturday 18th November 2017: research residency and public presentations during the A.P.R.E.M. #6 event. General information Deadline for application: Monday, 13th of June 2017. Answers will be sent on Monday, 24th of July 2017 at the latest. The residency is open to every artists of any discipline, interested in the question of the Anthropocene. The Fabrique de Théâtre will provide accommodations to the artists (please see “financial conditions” chapter below). Applications are to be sent through our online form on: (In French) Disciplines – Performing Arts: theater, dance, circus, etc. – Puppets: any technic; – New technologies and digital art; – Happenings; – Youth theater, – Etc. Technical and practical conditions Within the scope of that short residency, technical conditions will be restricted and organized according to the number of participants. As descripted above, the idea is to immerse in and intense rhythm of creation, implying light technical formats. 1st cession: arrival of the artists at the Fabrique de Théâtre on Monday, 25th of September 2017, imperatively between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. 2d cession: arrival of the artists at the Fabrique de Théâtre on Monday, 13th of November 2017, imperatively between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. Financial conditions The Fabrique de Théâtre will cover the costs of transports, accommodation and meals, and will provide a fee for public restitutions. For any question Administrative contacts Amandine Rimbert, production manager – Marie Godfroid, production’s assistant – Technical contacts Olivier Catherine, general coordinator –  

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PUNCHDRUNK – Open Auditions for Male and Female Dancers June 5, 2017 (London, UK)

OPEN AUDITIONS FOR MALE AND FEMALE DANCERS Punchdrunk is looking for male and female dancers for their current production of Sleep No More in Shanghai. Punchdrunk is an award-winning theatre company, specialising in the immersive experience of unexpected locations and dramatic narrative. The company’s work is usually presented on an epic scale, staged inside vast, empty buildings transformed into the world of the performance. Punchdrunk’s performance style requires committed, versatile dancers with very strong improvisation and devising skills. They should be a dynamic and charismatic performer with strong contact/partnering skills, and an interest in acting and narrative. An excellent contemporary dance technique and a minimum of 3 years professional experience is essential. They are especially keen to meet with dancers who are fluent in Mandarin. Full availability from mid-September 2017 to mid-November 2018 is required. Punchdrunk invites you to attend an open audition on Monday 5th June 2017 Registration will begin at 11.30am. All attendees are required to bring a current passport sized photograph and a copy of their CV with them. Upon arrival you will be allocated a specific time slot. These will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Recall auditions will be held on Tuesday 6th June 2017. Venue Details Jacksons Lane 269a Archway Road London N6 5AA Please note that due to the anticipated turnout, they cannot guarantee that everyone will be seen. 10 Immersive Theater Companies To Discover

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In Performance: Jeanine Durning’s inging at Los Angeles Performance Practice May 12–13, 2017 (Los Angeles)

 Los Angeles Performance Practice Jeanine Durning’s inging May 12–13, 2017 Los Angeles Performance Practice (LAPP) presents inging, created and performed by celebrated choreographer Jeanine Durning, an Alpert-Award winning artist and influential dance maker. For the first Los Angeles presentation of her choreographic work, Durning performs this intimate exploration of rarely charted territory at the intersection of thought, language and action. inging is presented May 12 and 13, 2017 at 8pm at Automata in Los Angeles’ Chinatown. Full event details below. The performance’s title refers to the suffix “ing” in the English language, used to express actions that are still in progress, that haven’t yet ended. Part spoken word performance, part reverie, part dance, part oral biography and part meditation, inging proposes the insistent practice of unscripted nonstop languaging as performance. Performer and audience co-exist in perpetual disequilibrium, confronted with the limits of language, and the body as a bridge between thought and the world. inging premiered in 2010 at the Frascati Theater WG in Amsterdam and has since been presented at theaters, studios, museums and galleries around the world, including Ufer Studios, Berlin; HetVeem Theatre, Amsterdam; and the American Realness Festival in New York. In conjuction with these performances, Durning also offers an “all levels, all people, all disciplines” workshop in the tools of her “nonstopping” practice—the discipline that underlies inging, and her ongoing choreographic practice. The workshop, doing being being doing, takes place Saturday, May 13 from 11a to 3p at Show Box L.A.’s studio, we live in space. In addtion to her own choreography, Durning has worked extensively with Deborah Hay as a performer, choreographic assistant and, from 2011–2013, as a consultant to the Motion Bank, conceived by William Forsythe. She was most recently seen in Los Angeles performing Hay’s work No Time to Fly at the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, with Ros Warby. Jeanine Durning // inging PERORMANCES MAY 12–13, 2017 Created and performed by the Alpert Award-winning artist Jeanine Durning, inging is a choreography of the mind. It is a rush of uninterrupted and unscripted speech that tracks the velocity of thought and maps the terrain of a shared present moment. In inging, Durning applies her physical practice of “nonstopping” to the act of speaking, invoking a force that is at once internal and external, physical and metaphysical. Durning’s spoken language stutters, flows, loops and leaps in a dance dictated by her exacting discipline. As thoughts emerge as words, and words emerge from the body, inging brings both speaker and listener to a place a paradoxical intimacy—confronting the edges of intelligibility while revealing the body and its gesture as an inevitable bridge between thought and language, at the moment of articulation. DETAILS :: Friday–Saturday, May 12–13, 2017 :: 8p :: Automata, 504 Chung King Court, Los Angeles, CA 90012 :: Tickets $25 [Limited $15 “early catch” available now] :: Ticketing Link : photo: Ian Douglas

The post In Performance: Jeanine Durning’s inging at Los Angeles Performance Practice May 12–13, 2017 (Los Angeles) appeared first on Contemporary Performance.

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2014 June - The Voice and the Lens. Whitechapel Gallery. London (UK).

2014 May - INACT Festival 2014. Le Hall de Chars. Strasbourg (D)

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2014 February - Late at Tate Britain. Animated 3D gif image for the event Art meets film: Moving image. Tate Britain, London, UK.

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