While we reboot the "Entangled" discussion, please nominate your choice for Book #2

While we reboot the "Entangled" discussion, Please nominate your choice for Book #2. To nominate a book, reply to this discussion. The top five liked replies will then be voted on by the group. So if you see a reply with a book you are interested, like it to move it to the final round of votes.

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how about "Participation" from the Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art series? i believe it was up for nomination the first go round. it's a collection of essays on what it means for audiences/viewers to participate in their experiences of art by luminaries like Umberto Eco, Bertolt Brecht, Roland Barthes, Félix Guattari, Jacques Rancière, Joseph Beuys & Augusto Boal to name just a few. it seems to me that coming from "Entangled" with its focus on all our techno/media extensions of live performance to an emphasis on direct human engagement would be a rather good contrast. plus, i just ordered it and it is probably waiting for me on my stoop this very afternoon...

Hi Adrian, I second that idea. Its a great book and would make for an interesting contrast with Entangled. Here is the link to it if others are interested in taking a look. 


FYI, i was a trifle misled by the amazon blurb.. there don't appear to be any essays by mssrs. boal or brecht. still bunches of great stuff tho!



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