my partner and I are both artists looking for a small apartment in Berlin, we will be in town as of June 15th. 

we both have steady freelance work and visas for Germany.

please contact me through email if you have and leads!


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Hi Julianne,

Not sure if you found anything yet or if this helps, but I have an apartment in Berlin and am looking for sublettors and, or a housemate(s) just not quite as soon as you arrive. My house is in Mitte, near Prenzlauerberg and it is quite big (103 sq. meters) There are two bedrooms and a big living room.  I have lived there as three people before and its really quite comfortable that way.

I have sublettors in there through mid July and have a conversation going about august with some SF artists, but they are not really clear yet about what they are doing, 

I am a choreographer and bounce back and forth between Berlin and SF.

Let me know if any of this interests you.




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